Benoit Viellefon is Back at Ronnie Scotts

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Hello Ladies and Gentleman...

Back to Ronnie Scotts upstairs... this sunday!

Benoit Viellefon Hot Club is returning to Ronnie Scotts upstairs with a full capacity, and a full band full of enthusiastm. We hope it will be full. I will host this event bimonthly as i used to do before the pandemic, and hopefully Ronnie Scotts will be open during the winter. If you came before, you know what will happen. If you never came you should definitely try, and don't forget to get some cool clothes and some dancing shoes.

The confirmed dates for now are the 3rd of October and the 12th of December.
The tickets are £13 advance and £15 on the door, please book advance as most of the tickets are already sold.
You can get your tickets there:

The doors will open at 18:30 and the band will play at 20:00. There are some tables available, but on a first arrived first served basis.

Other news...

I am preparing a new album of the Orchestra. This will be the Orchestra's latest and last one.
I will do a crowdfunding campaign to try to help with production costs, hoping to avoid having to revert to crime to pay for the manufacturing of the album.
If you are interested or have suggestions, please contact me at

Live gigs:

We've started to perform live again, and we hope to play enough to buy just about enough overinflated gas, petrol an groceries to survive the winter. You'll find all the gigs advertised on my website
There will be more to come soon (hopefully) so you know where to wacth.

That's all folks!
I hope it was not too boring a read.

Benoit Viellefon

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